New to IM. Would appreciate any help ;)

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    Hello BHW members,

    about a month ago a friend told me about Hack Forums. It took a month and now I landed here because I think BHW is much better (not so many scammers on here).

    So basically I am a 26 years old music producer from Luxembourg and I am really unlucky I stumbled on here so maaaad late !!!!
    Anyway I think I am young enough to take action and hopefully be successfull in a couple years.

    What I have built up so far is 3000 (real) followers on soundcloud about 1200 on youtube and 4000 likes on facebook (fiverr).
    My goal obviously is to get famous with music but thats not enough I want to be a millionaire and I am willing to work.
    I dont want to be linked to any fucking system in this world I love independency and I just want to do my own thing.

    I have years of gaming experience (mainly cod and starcraft) so maybe in the near future I think about streaming and making some money off there too.

    Lets come to for what I am here actually.

    So I already build up my blog to start affiliate marketing on it (waiting approval from AWM) and on my music youtube channel I integrated and adsense. Besides that I am trying Probux and maybe doin an amazon website in the near futur. Ive read a lot of stuff on here so far and I think now its time to ask questions !!!

    My question is : Does this sound all good or am I on the wrong path to reach my goal ???? Maybe does someone of the pro's on here has tips and provisions for me so I will succeed ????

    Best regards I appreciate any answer ;)

    English is not my mother language so dont flame too much