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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Instagig, Mar 27, 2012.

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    I've been browsing BHW forums for about a month now and this is my first post XD. Right now I have a YT channel that i've been boosting with Vagex just to get a startup base, it's a gaming channel. I have 294 subs and 11k+ views total, my first question is how should I build a more legitimate viewer base?

    Are backlink services used for youtube as well?

    I also have a Sharecash program going on on the side just for kicks, i've only made $2 but that is only with 1 youtube account, 2 videos, and minimal boosting on those.
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    nice to meet you. i started with youtube as well i believe way back.
    i believe minecraft is getting lots of viewers now a day that will subscribe to your channel
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    Welcome buddy :) Well, aside from using various 3rd party service's and what-not, gaming is actually quite easy to build a legitimate viewer base! (Although the viewer base might not initially start off as big as the "pro's"). My advice to you would be to stick at it and keep making regular videos, interact with subscribers and viewers, with things like; Facebook, Twitter, video annotations and general updates regarding your videos and what is going on.

    Another tip would be to hop onto making gameplay videos of new games, ive had various friends that have hopped onto new games and gotten 1000's of views daily (And are still getting 1000's daily on those videos because they are highly ranked). So in a conclusion, don't just stick to one game, most of the best gaming channels on Youtube use a variety of games.
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    I agree with willow above. Variety is good, and always try and make your videos as useful and entertaining as possible. If the video you create is something that you personally would enjoy watching, then there's a good chance others will enjoy it as well. But also paying attention to video comments can help you learn what else your audience would like to see.