New To Affiliate Marketing/Looking for guidance

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    I apologize if I put this thread in the wrong section as this is technically my first forum that I am a member of. I am a noob to affiliate Marketing and making money online. I have started to research terms and anything related to cpa,ppc and just Affiliate Marketing in general. I feel as if i have unlocked a whole new world and I am very excited to start exploring.

    Background Info: I am a sophomore at a community college with a part time job. I have a very flexible schedule (regarding the hours I can devote to Affiliate Marketing). I would like to successfully become my own boss and business owner by the age of 25. I am not looking for a get rich quick guide and I am very patient as I know anything that comes easy isn't always the best.

    What I am asking of you guys is just to help point me in the right direction (or even a mentor). I do not expect to be spoon-fed information or tricks of the trade. At this moment I am watching a few videos on affiliate Marketing and niches. Unfortunately I do not know where to actually start.

    Goals for 2015: TBH the sky is the limit for me but if there was a realistic goal to set for myself i'd say $100 a day although I am in no rush to make money.

    Thank you for viewing my thread and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: I copied this txt from a post I just made 20 secs ago on another forum so if u see it, im not trying to spam