New Spin To The Old Spam Trick

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    Just got following in emal as a doc attachment...



    I wish to request your ardent attention to this very important message .Permit me therefore to intimate you about my intention of contacting you through this medium. I am an attorney at law and the principal partner of my law firm. I hereby wish to inform you about the sudden death of my late client (Dr. G. E. MYLASTNAME who passed away through an airliner crash that involved the Togo Football Association which occurred on the 4th June 2007.

    Before his unfortunate passing away, he was the chief therapeutic specialist of this Football Association. As a foreign employee of this ministry of many tenure to his advantage, he was quite wealthy, both in assets as he was also involved into government contracts until his unfortunate demise. Permit therefore as his personal aide to inform you about a cash balance deposit that he deposited in a commercial bank before that unfortunate occurrence. I hereby solicit for your assistance to stand as a business associate and next of kin to this effect.

    Take note that i am in perfect possession of all the required items of this bank account and all other relevant documentations of his assets that will perfect the successful execution of this covenant. Upon your unbiased and speedy response to this call, i will inform you with all the required/necessary details with the modes of the execution of this covenant.

    Kindly reach me with your confidential data's as requested below to enable me build up a file in my office with regards to the claim.

    1. True Names as they might appear in any identification document you might wish to tender as proof.
    2. Your residential address / Direct mobile phone number / Age
    3. Your occupation / Marital status / office phone number / Nationality

    Send all email response via my alternative email address: [email protected]

    Mr. Peter Beco (Esq.)
    E-mail; [email protected]
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    Can you please elaborate more? Can we also use it with our list?