New product with HUGE 500$ commission/sale

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    Hey guys,

    I would like to invite you to an affiliate program which is very unique. This is NOT a Clickbank product, it uses the most accurate affiliate tracking system to track & handle every aspect of the launch.

    Here are a few benefits why you might consider promoting this item:

    • One of the BIGGEST COMMISSION amount per sale in product launch history. You cash in US$499 for every single sale.
    • You get 2 x Additional US$499 from 2 upsell products in our follow up system
    • We are using Life Time cookies to track your referred leads/customers. It means you get the commission even when your referred leads/customers buy any of our products in future. (including any new line of product we release in future)
    • Special prizes (including: TOYOTA COROLLA, HONDA Dual Sport CRF230L, SAMSUNG Latest Technology LED HDTV 46-Inch etc.)
    But most importantly:

    • Not the usual, shitty, scammy product, but a valuable WORKING one (price of product: 1000$)
    OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE: 3rd April 2010, 0:01am Eastern Time Zone

    If you liked the information provided above, I kindly ask you to join under this link:

    On the other hand, here's the link without my id:

    Wish you (and myself:) a lot of success with this exceptional affiliate program!