New Product - Looking For Affiliates and 50% Joint Venture Partners.

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    I'm looking for affiliates for a new product on ClickBank. I'm also looking for anyone interested in doing a 50% joint venture.

    The product demo can be downloaded at (Can't post a link yet so just google "PlexKeys" without the quotes)

    PleXKeys is a predictive typing app for Windows PCs. It will predict the next word or two you are going to type and allow you to enter them just by pressing Enter. It adapts to how you type, memorizing the words you use and the words that follow them so the more you use it, the better it gets at predicting what you are going to type next.

    It can do multiple word suggestions as well. Spell checking and predictive typing works for almost any Windows app.

    So far I've got English and it's variants enabled for the spelling dictionary so if you're using in in Australia, your words won't appear upside down.

    Basic Spanish support is working as well though it needs more testing. I'm working on several other languages. If anyone is interested in testing them or having me add additional languages, please let me know!

    I've also added shorthand macros to the app so for example:
    If you type "closing" minus the quotes, and the press Shift+Space it will automatically insert the defined macro.

    I'm looking for affiliates and joint venture partners for a 50/50 split.

    The site is a work in progress so keep that in mind.

    Clickbank Market Place: Search for PleXKeys

    Product Page: Google PleXKeys