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    Hey all,

    I along with a group of others are launching a new product.

    If you are able to promote this product to email lists of people looking to further there IM career or just simply earn money online then we would like to have you join our team as an affiliate.

    In return for promotion of the product which launched 2 days ago, you will recieve a discount coupon for your list.

    The sale price of Cash Combat is $47, but the affiliates with the lists will be able to sell it for 20% cheaper.

    Your commission will 60% of the sale amount of $47 unless you use the coupon. If you use the coupon commission will be 60% of the discounted sale price.

    This offer is open to only a few affiliates so if you are interested please PM me. You must have a decent size list.

    All regular affiliates are of course welcome to sign up using our main affiliate program on paydotcom.

    Thank you.