New product in grow taller niche - Grow Taller Formula is Live!

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    Hey Blackhatters,

    Announcing my latest product "Grow Taller Formulaâ„¢"!

    What Is Grow Taller Formulaâ„¢?

    Grow Taller Formulaâ„¢ is a digital program that shows you how to grow a few inches taller in just a few weeks.

    The digital book consist of high quality content and illustrations written by professional writers in collaboration with experienced medical professionals that specialize in height increase products.

    Grow Taller Formulaâ„¢ is the complete solution that you can provide to the increasing number of people that are searching for ways to increase their current height.

    You will earn a whopping commission of 75% per sale by just referring this book to those people that want to grow taller, while at the same time they will thank you for helping them to achieve their goal.

    Why Does It Sell?

    The demand for height growth products is currently at an all time high. There are numerous online retailers who sell height growth supplements, as well as programs at an alarming rate. However, the number of successful CB products in this niche are limited.

    The sales copy has also been written by professionals and has been split tested / optimized for the highest conversions. (I'll be posting conversion screenshot data shortly.)

    How Much Can I Make?

    Grow Taller Formulaâ„¢ Sells For $67

    You get 75% of every sale!

    There is also a one click upsell in place that you will get 75% of as well and that means that you will be making over $40 from just one sale...
    Lot's more updates coming and products on the back-end that you will get commission for as well...

    Site :

    Affiliate Page:

    CB hoplink:

    If you are looking for a MEGA niche to make some real money off promote Grow Taller Formulaâ„¢ and I will help you make $$$'s!

    Give this one a test campaign and see for yourself!

    Feel free to hit me up via PM or email at [email protected] if you need anything at all!
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    Sorry but ehm, smells like a very high refund rate product.
    I mean, shit, you just can't grow several inches in a few weeks.... :s
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    Hey guys,

    After much tweaking, the sales page is converting like crazy right now.. just need affiliates to jump on this one and start making sales!

    Here's a screenshot of 2 of my affiliates' sales from yesterday:


    As you can see, one affiliate made 3 sales after sending only 195 hops (65 hops per sale). Another got a sale after sending just 1 hop.

    Needless to say the page has been optimized for conversions now.. so don't hesitate to jump on this immediately.

    Let me know if you need anything to help promote.. good luck!
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    I agree. :)