New passive earnings opportunity with Skype-like platform and app!

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    A friend of mine works as a developer with the company behind this new platform and software which is similar with Skype but has the advantage of helping users to monetize their time spent on the app.

    It's a great opportunity for passive earnings through revenue sharing and advertising (will be implemented soon). So, as you see the project is still brand new and the early birds will definitely get many rewards by simply being first ;)

    I can't share the website or the name of the product since it's still in early beta stage but my friend asked me to invite 10 close friends and family members via email, but I know if I'll do that the invitations will be wasted since none of them will be interested in making money with this...

    That's why I decided to share this opportunity will the BHW community. Please send me and email to responderx at gmail with your name(it doesn't have to be your real name, just something I can include in the invitation form) and the subject line "Invitation to make money" (this is important! I get a lot of spam and don't wanna miss your email) and I'll invite you if you're interested.



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