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    Hello....I am a new online marketer in relative terms. I am researching the net to find ways a guy can make money online for his family.

    My History:

    -Current Tennis Teaching professional
    -Living in a small town that doesn't have enough tennis players to support a full time income
    -Owned a brick and mortar which i buildt from the ground up. Coffee Shop
    -Own a website (which I would be willing to sell if I new how or if there was even a market for it)
    -Been involved with MLM's in the past.....6 years ago....ACN
    -Just began with GDI (GLobal Domains International) primarily becasue the cost was low enough I could get out there and learn with it
    -Have a ClickBank Account and Paydotcom account with no idea how to best go about marketing their products (efficiently with any return)

    I am recently remarried with an inherited daughter and a son on the way in March. I am feeling somewhat desperate to earn some money online so that I can at least suppliment our current (just at poverty) income. I only mention this to describe my feeling of panic towards the arrival of my new son, Jackson Henry Cobb. I even made a video and emailed the link to 4 people on the internet asking them for a scholarshiped coaching and in return i would endorse their product or service with video or testimonial.

    That pretty much sums it up. Anyone that has information, coaching, advice or whatever else....this post is to you. I appreciate anyone who can help me to make money online. I have 8-10 hours a day I can spend online learning and implimenting. I am coachable, loyal and honest. Please help!


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    It's very hard to succeed at anything entrepreneurial when your back is against the wall financially and your stressed out. I come from a "real world" background in sales and I've seen it in others and in myself. When your desperate to make money it seems to make it even harder. You can literally smell desperation coming off of a struggling salesman. that being said it's not impossible. There's hope :D

    First thing I would do is try and find some kind of job (not a career) and start bringing in more money. It could be anything. Just look at it as a means to an end. Take something Part Time.

    Writing or copywriting is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online. Also, if you have any other tech. skills you could easily pick up some freelance work. You said you have websites? Did you make them or keep them updated? You probably have more skills then you realize. Market yourself on forums.

    To get started with educating yourself read the following threads. Then read everything else.

    Good Luck,

    PS: Take a good look at **********.com if you have the time. It was started and is run by a group of well respected BHW members.
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    Yes, don't quit your day job. Make sure you already have a source of reliable income before getting started, because the learning curve can be pretty steep for most people.

    The way I got started was with article marketing, so you might want to start there.
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    Get back into ACN, they are blowing up again! Take a look at all of the new products they have to offer (not just local & Long distance any more)!
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    Do not quit your primary job. Try and put at least 3 hours per day into your internet business. Do not spend all your time learning because people trap themselves with that. Learn 50% of the time and DO 50% of time until you are up to speed and can DO 90% of time and learn 10% of time. Find something you are interested in and start a blog about it. Write at least 3 articles per day and post them to your blog. Do your SEO on them. When you start getting 25-50 visitors per day then you monitize your blog with adsense and other relevant offers such as CPA or Clickbank products. You can always start other projects on the side such as autoblogs. Look around BHW plenty of place to start.
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    In your home...COMPUTER
    If you have experienced in tennis coaching then make a blog write some tips and how to play tennis tutorial then collect mails from visitors and sell them tennis ebook available in clickbank marketplace.

    second tips is that write ebook about tennis ins and out then try to approve it in clickbank then make a post on seo forum like this and tell them you have ebook approve in clickbank and I am giving 50-75% commission.

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    PM for Clickbank help. Im a pro.