new method to Grow your new Fan page | exclusive on BHW

Help me! I don''t get the button ''Like Page''

What can I do?
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Everything works fine but I encountered a problem, long pictures get cut off. Wider pictures show fine but the long pictures get cut short.
This is not working for me... The Like Page button does not appear and when I publish it does not get published it disappears.(No its not in the "Published" tab either)

Can someone help? Please
It's working but nothing fantastic post on 70K page -> 25k page = 5 likes ! LOL
What is the difference on this if we share the post on group it will look same right with like page.

I tried to share the post on 500k group. I don't get any engagements on my page
Image works but I think video does not work. Anyone tried using a video instead of images?
Can I boost the post or the fb team is gonna decline it ?

Thanks for the post
i have a pages news with a zero likes can use this to grow up my pages
and how many cost this ads , i have a page Arabic
so saad , i read again the post in condition you must have already a big pages :/
How to get more liker and visitor on the fan page? Is there any idea for it. I am continuing to share my page, but didn't get response as much as i want.
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