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    Hey Everyone,

    I've been reading articles and advice for some time now, only been contributing lately.

    50+ PBN's Built and Running
    3 Niche or LKW Markets (Low to Medium Competition)
    Medium Content Writing Abilities (Learning Everyday)
    Web Design skills are just ok, mostly Wordpress Based Theme Manipulation
    Some SQL and Database Experience, but not in the IM world, more of Big Business Data
    2yrs as Computer Science Major at Purdue (Graduated with Supply Chain Degree from Western Michigan....Go Broncos! ----RTB----)
    Not very experienced in Proxy Use, I know it's important, just haven't been able to read much on it yet. If any of you could help give me guidance on Proxies and How to use them, I would much appreciate it. PM me and I will Skype or email with you. Thank you in advance.

    Gamer (GTA 5, FIFA 16, FORZA)
    Tech Geek (Owned a Drone Based Photography Business)
    Avid Car Stereo Junkie (2xAlpine Type-R 12", 2100AmpD Mono Block Amp (w/ Cap.), Alpine Head Deck and Alpine Components in the Doors and Dash) - My Ears and Eyes Hurt :)
    Have Extensive Knowledge of the Automotive Machining Industry and Related Fields (5+ Years)

    Anyways, more about my plans and approach.

    I'm looking to build a small business with a couple clients and some diversified portfolio of other little niche businesses. Looking to build something over the next 1-2 Years that's bringing in decent cash flows. Looking for all the help and potential partners that I can get. (Don't have the same philosophy in the bedroom) Sorry, bad humor dad jokes.

    I have a couple niche sites that are doing well now, looking to possibly pick up some affiliate deals and start making some side $ from those. Looking forward to meeting more people on this site, learning new techniques, approaches, tools and creative thinking methods to help with my own adventures. Thank you very much for your time and energy!

    - Hambone