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Apr 3, 2010

Synopsis of the details:

  • 75% commission on all sales
  • Unique solution to THE most common health problem
  • Massive affiliate resource center
  • Kickass, modern sales page (Fully responsive)
  • High quality product design
  • Product package: 1 e-book (60 pages) & 4 presentations (400+ pages)
  • Don?t be fooled by the low price ($24,99) => higher conversions => more $$$

We offer you the highest possible and well-deserved commission of 75% on all sales. This is equivalent to nearly $35,000 annually with only 5 sales per day (= nearly $3000 monthly). Or, more than $100,000 annually with 15 sales per day (= more than $8500 monthly).

(Compare it to a higher price, for instance $34! You?ll get a lot more (~$25.5) per sale, but with five sales per day only $27,000 annually [that's $8000 less], if the conversion rate drops by 40%).


The average adult suffers 2-4 cold infections each year. Americans alone come down with approximately 1 billion colds annually, as statistics indicate. That?s a potential of more than 310 MILLION adult customers only in the US, UK and Australia. Thousands of opportunities for us to promote a product that offers a revolutionary solution to THE most common health problem.

The cold and flu market is an evergreen niche. Day after day, millions of people worldwide are searching the Internet for ways to prevent, ease and cure the symptoms of their cold and flu infection. And let?s face it, coming down with a cold (or flu) is extremely unpleasant and annoying. What is worse, there seems to be nothing you can do about it.

This is about to change?

Doctors and scientists say there is no cure to a cold or flu infection.

They?re right.

But what if I told you that there is no need for a cure to an illness that can be prevented instead?

This is exactly what the customer will get from the ?Never Get a Cold? product package. A quick and efficient way to prevent cold and flu infections with an incredibly high success rate (~85%, often more). The remedy presented in the ?Never Get a Cold?-system is capable of preventing colds and flu even right at the onset of first symptoms. (You can apply the remedy with great success even after noticing the first signs of an approaching infection).

This special remedy, however, is only part of a much larger holistic system, designed to help the customer prevent cold and flu infections with the most efficient and scientifically proven methods that exist.

The system is presented in a neat sales page and comes packaged in a high quality design. Extensive previews are available on the sales page!

Start promoting a rock solid product

If you care about marketing value-based products that overdeliver, then the ?Never Get a Cold?-system is an excellent addition to your portfolio. It?s new to market (not saturated), comes with a unique selling proposition and delivers a high quality perception to the customer.

Tools and Resources for Affiliates​

Our Affiliate Resource Center provides you with everything you need to get started promoting this product. Here's the link to it:

You'll find: Affiliate links, banners, email swipes, articles & reviews, landing page, 3000+ keywords, PPC ads / keywords optimized for cheap clicks, PPC coupons and traffic generation ideas.



How to promote this product?​

Here are a couple of proven techniques that help you to get started with promoting the product.

#1 Create a review site

Basically, you?ll create a page where you review the product and add your affiliate links. You can generate quite a lot of traffic by targeting the keywords ?Never Get a Cold Review? and ?Never Get a Cold Scam?? These are the two most commonly used keywords interested customers type into Google. You don?t even have to spend countless hours for writing the review, simply get inspired by the reviews shown on our affiliates page:


If you need detailed instructions with this, have a look at this excellent thread - simply press ?ctrl? + ?f? and search for ?my life example? to get directly to the detailed instructions. + Visit this outstanding thread to learn how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your review page.

#2 Create a review video

Instead of writing a review you can also create a video in which you speak about the product. Again, you can target the keyword ?Never Get a Cold Review? and ?Never Get a Cold Scam?? or ?Never Get a Cold ? Does It Really Work?? Don?t forget to add your affiliate link inside the video and the description.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you review videos, as Google will not rank duplicate videos.

#3 Offer freebies on a squeeze page

You can build a squeeze page where you offer attractive freebies that are related to the Never Get a Cold product package, for instance by searching for ?Health related electronic freebies? on Google, which will direct you to websites that offer thousands of freebies (e.g moneysavingexperts.com and cloudfreebies.co.uk). Here are 25 sources that offer free public domain books.

You?ll find free quality e-books here:

After you have found a freebie, drive traffic to the landing page and collect the emails. Make sure to redirect the subscribers with your affiliate link to the Never Get a Cold sales page. Give your subscribers the freebie [or a link to it ] (and promote the Never Get a Cold package along with an affiliate link), then start advertising the Never Get a Cold by using our email swipes, which can be found here:


You can use your own squeeze page or customize our squeeze page that is already Aweber integrated and redirects the subscriber to a site of your choice:


For a more detailed description of this method, see this thread

Relevant threads for email marketing:

#4 PPC

You can promote the Never Get a Cold offer with a PPC campaign. In our Affiliate Center you?ll find links to free bonuses/credits worth $250 on popular PPC networks, such as Google and Bing. This means for you that you?ll get $250 for free, which you can use to promote the offer. Check out the Affiliate Resource Center for PPC keywords optimized for cheap clicks


Assuming you can manage to pay on average $0.25 per click with a really low conversion rate of 1%, you?ll still make roughly $190 profit, without any investment. If you know what you?re doing, and you only pay $0.15 per click with a better conversion rate of 3%, you?ll earn roughly $1000.

Many struggle with PPC, as they optimize their ads for a high click through rate, when in fact you want only people to click your ads that are willing to pay. So make sure to include a price tag in your ad to discourage users that are not willing to pay. (This is not the case if you send the traffic to a squeeze or landing page).

If you picked PPC, then you should be able to find low CPC keywords ($0.05-0.10). I recommend giving bing ads a try as they offer a free $50 signup voucher. To start with, target US, UK and Canada only, and if you are tight on money, keep your keywords highly targeted (not too broad). Have several variants of your ad. You should get a CTR of AT LEAST 1-2%. Anything below, there's something very wrong with your campaign.
- Mancar487

#5 Google Alerts

This amazing thread describes a nice method how you can utilize Google Alerts to drive masses to your review page. What you need to do is create an alert for keywords related to the product (see our affiliates page for a list of 3000+ keywords). Alternatively, you can simply go to Google, search for your keyword, change ?Any Time? to ?Past 24 Hours? and change ?Sorted by relevance? to ?Sorted by date.?

What you want to accomplish with this is to find relevant articles, blog posts, forum posts, etc.. Whenever you receive an alert or have found a relevant website, visit it and leave a meaningful response along with a link to your review site. Make sure that your answer relates to the post, otherwise it?ll get deleted. As soon as the articles, blog posts or forum threads start to ranking Google you?ll receive quite a lot of organic traffic to your review website. Again, feel free to check out this excellent thread for a detailed description of this method.

#6 Playing the question and answer game

Basically, you take the 3000+ keywords offered in our Affiliate Center, identify the most attractive ones and ask questions on forums/Yahoo answers/etc. with your keywords. Then you answer your own question and redirect the traffic to your own landing/squeeze page. As these websites have a good reputation, you will have a better chance of ranking your material. For a detailed description, see this interesting thread.

#7 The attachment trick

This method needs a little bit of creativity, but can be quite effective. What you want to do is to attach a description of the Never Get a Cold program anywhere become an online contact with other people, for instance your email or Fiverr (this method is described in detail here).

#8 Media buying

You can also use media buying campaigns to drive traffic to either your squeeze/landing page or the sales page. This thread here is an excellent guide on how to begin with media buys.

If you are already experienced with media buys you can also try to get into re-marketing in order to increase your conversions. Have a look at the following thread: Re-marketing [advanced].


That?s it!

Extensive previews are available on the sales page.

Free copies are available to affiliates with at least one sale or active BHW members with a certain amount of posts.

Don?t just think about promoting this, JUST DO IT! Those of you who get in early will enjoy the advantages of promoting a product that is fresh to the market.

I will be personally at hand to any affiliate who needs help. Feel free to contact me via email or in this thread and I?ll see how I can help you with getting started promoting the offer. Just get in touch and I?ll do everything I can to help you succeed. I can give you the best support via email!

Sales page

Affiliate Resource Center

You can always contact me at support[at]nevergetacoldagain[dot]com

Thank you very much for your time!
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Click-bank product provided as described. Nice affiliate resources and OP was helpful with good communication.
this is interesting :) Definitely different and possible a gold mine :) Signing up!

Can you offer this on JVZOO as well?

Hi Sasha,

Thanks for signing up for it.

Before launching the product I was in the dilemma of choosing either JVZoo or ClickBank. I chose the latter, even though I heard JVZOO has made some big progress.

Now the problem is this, if I'm not mistaken it's an either/or question so I'm not sure if it's possible to run both at the same time.
I was thinking to start with click bank soon but after seeing this post i ll start today thanks
Signing up!:)
Edit: Sign up and encoded hop link with your product,LL start marketing it today.
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Fantastic, great to have you on board overtrade.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
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