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    Dec 13, 2008
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    Hi, my name is Chris. I read at this forum for sometime now. I have not made posts really because I have not much to offer others yet. Hopefully in the vary near future I can share some of my success with the members here. This forum is unique in that it deals with the black hat underground world. And that the members here are vary generous with information about there marketing and black hat efforts. I really have learned alot I dont think you can learn else were.

    The only problem is that there seems to be such a wealth of information here that its sort of hard to focus. So much to learn so much material. Not every post here is a gold mine but I have learned about what softwares and services work. What techuiqes worked for others etc. Almost every thread someone is posting some knowledge that is valuable. Sometime you just gotta read alot bs chit chat to get to some valuable information. But im thankful for this forum and someday I hope to at least to make some $$ donations.

    I am currently looking for a top notch partner to start some ventures with. If your interested please see my post.

    Again thanks to the people that really take the time to help others.