New Keyword Research Tool for the Organic Ranking Crowd (BETA TESTERS WANTED)

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    If you run backlink campaigns to get page 1 organic ranking on Google and have used products like Market Samurai, Keyword Elite, Travis Traffic or Micro Niche Finder for keyword research we want your feedback. Our new keyword tool will scan up to 1000 keywords per project and help answer some of the most important questions facing search engine marketers. Questions like:

    • Can you influence ranking positions on the 1st page of Google and successfully compete for this keyword?
    • Is there enough search traffic to make it worth the time & effort?
    • Can you make money with this keyword if you get a high rank?
    • What ad copy, messaging & themes are PPC advertisers using to lure clicks?

    Our BETA program is FREE. If you would like to participate please visit for details. Links to more information on the product and video based tutorials are available to guide you through the process. Enter the promotion code: BHV2FREE10K (expires 5/16) to receive 10,000 free beta credits.

    The BETA program is not yet open to the public and the product is not available for purchase. Seats and resources (computers) are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. If you?re interested please don?t delay. Enjoy the BETA and please give us your feedback! We need to know what you think! Feel free to PM with any questions you may have regarding the BETA.
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    I've just gone through the application. Here are my findings/questions:
    the UI graphics is very poor. you should improve it!
    it's not clear how to go to the next step (tab)
    in filter & analyze scan results you HAVE to let people sort by columns
    detailed reports looks very strange: long, wide, some scrollers inside? Is it a bug?
    to sum up:
    for me it looks like an alpha stage of software
    and what is your unique selling point?
    Hope this helps,
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    I'm testing right now and will post a review.
    For now, I agree with everything dbyrn wrote.