New Journey using Amazon, PPD, PPI, YT Partnerships to hopefully some kind of success!

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    Ok I will be hitting all the angles I know how to do, I have no money aim, although I am hoping for over 2000$/month over time.. but I will fight for it!
    What I have:
    - A youtube with 11k subs, 2m views (fake but substantial and legit channel)
    - I have an enhanced views account with a few hundred k points
    - All my youtube view scripts got patched but I am working on getting them back up
    - I am working on getting an AMF bot that can get me around 6k points daily without getting my accounts banned

    I can make amazon review videos extremely fast, thus I am aiming at uploading a total of 1000-1500 Videos by summer to my main channel. They will all be legit reviews on products, pretty fast reviews, around 30seconds to 1min each. I will be making around 10 a day of these until summer!
    I will post the amazon affiliate link in the description, only from though, maybe I will start too

    I will then make a few videos seriously, as in longer reviews which cover the topic very well, and make them very HD and high quality type reviews which are trustworthy. For these views I will choose products which are in high demand in pre-order, such as the PS4 was etc...

    I will probably not add likes/favorites to most videos, but I will add a few hundred to my larger reviews of course.

    IF i manage to get a script, I will load views to most the videos, a few thousand views at least.

    I have a secondary channel, on which I have found a niche for which I can make hundreds of videos per week on, so my goal is to upload around 2000 Videos, and have them all link back to my website which will have a download link.
    I tested it with around 120 videos, which over the course of 4 months got a total of 200k+ Views with no boosting, but I only got like 6 downloads.. :(

    So I am hoping with 2k videos, and a few high quality original videos I can make some kind of earning. My goal is to get around 20k-30k views daily

    I will make a tertiary channel for this, I am going to be uploading videos as unlisted, videos which are HD, High quality content and legal as to not get flagged or banned. I will be uploading hopefully around 50 videos all unlisted, and boost them with a few Views, Likes, Comments, Favorites and then publish them to rank.

    YT Partnership:
    I will be making 1 video gaming per day, HD with good editing and funny, for my main channel, hopefully over time attracting some content, although that is a dream that shall remain a dream for now.
    I will boost each video with likes, views, comments and favorites

    I will be writing 1 article per gaming video, and I'm aiming for over 50,000 words content by summer on my site. I currently have 2500 visitors unique monthly from the PPD I did with the 120 videos, so if we times 20 that, should be looking at 50k visitors monthly at least if all goes well.

    - I will be using a VPS at around 15$/month to run the Enhanced views bot and AMF bot
    - I will be making blogs once I learn how to link back to my site, and some Web 2.0s etc
    - ALL videos will have my site and main channel in the description as HTML in order to get natural backlinks
    - The favorites will also create natural backlinks which will help boost my website!
    - I will be working around 15 hours a week on this maximum.

    What do you guys think? my goal is over 2000$ A month, any tips?