New Instagram tool that may be VERY useful havent heard anyone post about it yet

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    I want to add that Im in no way or form affiliated just wanted to inform fellow BHW members, Im not posting the link so you can just google it ;)

    Hey yall'
    been lurking here reading all the knowledge and absorbing all methods and what not for a while now. Anyways I am now doing alot of my Social Media marketing with loads of automation tools (thank you BHW :cool: ) But a few weeks ago received a unique message from some spammer, what was unique is at the bottom of the message there was a website,
    what made it peculiar was it said "sent via (insert website )"

    This piqued my interest because if I could automate my messaging as well it would be awesome. So the companies name is "Holr" I guess they wanted a clever way to spell Holler. But regardless its a great tool to automate your messaging and best part of it it's absolutely FREE!

    Heres how it works someone follows you and the HOLR app sends them a message which you craft as well. This is a pretty awesome tool! I see many applications for it. Been using it for a few weeks and sent all my current followers and new followers and automated message : ) let me know what you think, the only setback is that the free version adds that little text "sent via holr" but I dont see a problem if you get your message accross or using it for pure engagement. enjoy!