New idea, tell me your thoughts!

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    Dec 11, 2009
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    So, i have came up with this idea, but not sure about it. Tell me your thoughts.
    So the thing is:
    I set up a site, "most likely porn" ill upload many fancy videos, picture packs, magzines etc. But ill upload them on sharing sites and basically ill just advertise my downloads on the site i have set up.
    Traffic: i have seen so many and more strategies how to get traffic to sites such as im thinking about, but all of them are spam. I want an automatised system that generates money, so i thoight about getting traffic from Adult ppc sites like Blacklabelads.
    So the fellow clicks my ad, ill lose money but he gets to my site where he has tonnes of files to download. If he downloads at least one file ill get much more than it costed me to pay for him to get to my site.
    Thoughts? I know, no one know what would be the download rate but if there is a 50% download rate i would still have 100% in profit.
    Tell me your thoughts ty.