*New here* i want to start learning before earning!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Jumper777, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Aug 4, 2017
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    Hi, like the board says, i am new here, i just started to look around and read.

    There are very good beginners information here that I am reading, and want to start learning from. I dont want to throw me into the deep sea without a knowledge, and I know that no one start making money already on the day they start, or the first months, I'm aware it takes time until you see things happen!

    I want help from you to get started while I am reading the information on this site, there is very much useful information to read here. With that Said, i dont know were to start, i want help with explaining different abbreviations and what different options there are for a beginner, and get involved with it to create an image of what and how the market looks like.

    As I said, I want to start learning before I get into anything. If you know any good links from this forum for beginners, I'd love to start learning from them or from you.

    I dont want to make the same mistakes as many others do, to dive into something that i dont know something about and then come up with the comment "It's not working", everything goes if you have knowleage and disciplin!

    Thats why I want you to help me as much as you can at a beginners level, i will read everything new, I will give this time because it's something I want.

    I hope you all the best,
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    Good luck @Jumper777
    welcome in BHW