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New Guy Here (My sites first 30 days=356k PL's-Unique Visits 64k-Returning Visits 9k)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ashman, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Jan 6, 2012
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    New Guy Here (My sites first 30 days=356k PL's-Unique Visits 64k-Returning Visits 9k)

    I found you guys or I should I say my wife found you guys back in November and now after all the holiday dust has settled I wanted to join you guys and see how I can take my site to next level.

    I was able to create an adult community based off an adult bookstore in my state. Not sure how this resource has gone up tapped for all these years but hey it?s working for me.

    I have the stats link that show what I posted in my heading but was not sure if I was allowed to post it and don?t want to get sent to the principal?s office on my first day at a new school.

    Now that I have a site up with a good traffic flow I need to find away to turn this traffic into money.

    I do charge a small membership fee but my membership upgrade is like 7% of the total free members I have on my site and the number of free members is like 1-2% the amount of visitors I have that sign up for a free account.

    I tried affiliate programs in the past like Google ad-sense (The jerks fired me and shut it down) and CJ on other sites I have tried my hand at but had very little success in making money with them.

    So now I have made my introduction I am off to read all I can on here and see what new information I can try and use.

    If anyone has any thoughts for a new guy here please reply. I look forward to reading them and I am chronic refresh button hitter to see the numbers go up and/or if I have any replies.

    Thanks everyone for a site like this.
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