New form of brilliant spam

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    Lately my wordpress sites have been getting some very nice spam; I've never seen it before and was hoping someone could tell me if they're familiar with this bot.

    The spam is like this and has these things in common.

    1st comment from xyz: "HaHa I'm first" - with no link
    2nd comment from abc: "@xyz, what's the point of being first if you're not going to say anything?" - with no link

    3rd comment from mno: "@xyz and abc, if you read the article you'd notice that %keyword% could affect many of us". - with link

    Anyway, the conversation goes on and on (10-12 comments) and really allows the spammer to get off-topic while still making sense.

    Virtually all of the comments address one of the other commenters in a very believable conversation that goes back and forth.

    This is spam because the commenters address each other without any of the comments ever having been approved.

    This spam is so good that I approve it, just cause it looks totally believable.