New Forex Signal Safe: Recurring Commission, No Robots, All Automated

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    May 8, 2010
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    I?m excited to tell you about a new launch that is unique, reliable and offers
    recurring commissions.

    Forex Signal Safe is an automated signal service run by a professional forex
    trader with over 5 years of profitable history.


    Most forex users are becoming dazed by the explosive number of forex robot
    launches every month, thus we have created a service that is automated just
    like a robot, but is controlled by a live professional trader.

    Thus, this is only human intelligence, no robots and all automation. Our test
    conversions are incredibly high and our refund rate is low due to the reliability
    of our service.


    Our goal is to be around for a long term, provide quality support and service,
    while retaining your customers so you can CONTINUE receiving your
    commissions EVERY month.

    A launch date has not been set, but we will be launching this month.
    We welcome suggestions for a date.

    Please let me know if you need any assistance, I?m here to help.