New fella in search of virtual drinkin buddies.

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    Hey there.

    I've been doing a lot of retarded shit by the social standard for about 2 years, which included leaving home to pickup girls full time as a dating instructor and throwing out 2 semesters of school to try to make "liveable" money on the internet (which i'm doing right now and also just finished school, so fuck you society :) ). I am really positive about SEO and guys who make serious money in it.

    First of all, thank you guys who make this "$100 cash a day" threads cause you inspired me to do the same in e-commerce and so far im almost doing that sum of money everyday, sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes none, but always growing and hoping to learn more, perfect my skills, doing it as moraly as i can etc.

    I've almost automated my e*commerce shit , so i have pretty much all day to go and fuck up things again, which is the only way i know to learn something. My goal is to get to the 10k mark by the end of the year.

    A little bit about myself to be more socially aware, well, as i've said i'm into the pickup thing and can help you guys with it if you struggle getting some pompitas or you want improve your social life in general, i also like to do backflips and that type of stuff so i can show you how to do cool and fit shit too.

    If you guys can help me with some of your favorite posts that have worked for you to make money, i owe you guys a beer. I'm struggling right now with analyzing the competition as you can see here:

    Hope i can share some of the knowledge i have too, not sure where can i start doing that but i'll surf the forums.
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