New Domain without access to the old one

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    Since years we have a website/forum running at the domain A and the google rankings are not so bad.
    The problem is, the domian is not ours and with the domainowner we are in dispute :cool:

    So we created a new domain, registred a xml sitemap and optimized all tags on our page, but the site never appears in the google index with the new domain. I think that's normal, because google crawler observed the existing indexes from domain A and see exactly the same content, so we never will indexed with the new domain B. Is that right like here? :rolleyes:

    So, how can I stop the domain A to access our server and our website so that the domain A will reject from the google index? Te domainholder of domain A has only a single webpage on this domain where all traffic will forward to our page, but we don't have access to his website or his domain :eek:

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you could understand what I mean.

    Many thx for any suggestions.