New domain parking site also buy and sell your domain names


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Nov 4, 2009
New domain parking , Also buy and sell your domain names.

Domain parking - 85% of the revenue goes to you when domain parking

Domain parking****************.com

At *Parks Dot Com Limited we will give you one of the most competitive rates out there from a parking company for your domain parking needs, you will receive 85% of the revenue direct and using the feed we have to show the adverts on your parked domain names you will also get the best revenue per each click for your domain parking names. We will aim to show the highest paying pay per click adverts on you parked domain name for your chosen domain names category. It is very easy to set up and get started and to start domain parking.

Imagine not having to optimize your domain names and mess about with keywords finding out which ones work best for you. At Parks Dot Com Limited we will optimize your keywords for you making sure only the highest paying pay per click words show up on your domain names when domain parking with us. This will give you the best pay per click out there; we want you to make money so we can too. Of course you will be able to enter your own keywords also if you prefer.

For those of you who have not tried domain parking it is a very simple method and takes minutes to set up. All you need to do is register an account with ourselves and you are ready to go. If you are going to park your domain names you will need to change the DNS or Domain Name Server to ours.

For those of you who are not familiar with parking domains we would recommend you start. Domain parking is an extremely fun and an excellent way to generate an income and even do fulltime. You also be able to fully customise your landing page to generate a higher click through rate on the adverts show on your page. You will also be able to enter your own articles and text into your page along with graphics to make a dynamic landing page delivering what users are expecting to see for your domain names traffic.
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I havent had much luck with parking, but i have a few hundred domains that I would be willing to move over to your gig if I knew it would pay.

Do you allow us to send any additional traffic to our sites while they are parked with you?

Has anyone used his services?
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