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    So guys, I just launched my new CPA-driven site ( It's let's users earn money for charities by completing my offers, and revenue generated by the site supports worthy causes like ASPCA, World Wildlife Fund, and the Make A Wish foundation.

    What do you think would be the best way to promote this site?

    I plan on promoting the site offline (hoping to get some free advertising by various people with large audiences; principals, radio DJ's, etc.) as well as online (Facebook ads and users, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and AdWords).

    As far as online marketing, I plan to start with Facebook, so I need to have some good ad copy and images to promote the site. Here are the sample ads I've got so far:

    Ad #1111
    Help a good cause free!
    Finally a way to donate to charity without spending a dime; also, enter to win awesome prizes!

    Ad #2222
    Donate to charity at no cost
    [circle with backslash on top of piggy bank]
    How can you possible donate to worthy charities without spending a penny?  Click to find out, and win big!

    Ad #3333
    Donate without spending a cent!
    [logo] makes it easy to donate to tons of charities and win awesome prizes!

    Ad #4444
    Great causes, great prizes!
    With, you can win prizes and raise money for charities across America; free!

    Ad #5555
    Make the world a better place
    [globe with people holding hands]
    Click now to learn how you can raise money for charity in minutes a day, while  you win awesome prizes!
    Ad #6666
    Good karma, great prizes!
    [pile of money] lets you win big while you raise money for charitable organizations; it only takes a minute and it's totally free!

    Ad #7777
    3 minutes = $3 for charity
    [logo] is the easiest way to help your fellow man without a dollar out of pocket.

    Ad #8888
    Help a charity and win big!
    Every time you use to earn money for a good cause, you get a chance to win!

    Ad #9999
    Raise $$$ for charity in minutes!
    [pile of money]
    At you can earn cash for great causes; and every time you do, you get a chance to win BIG!
    Which ad do you guys like the best?

    P.S. Anyone who wants to learn how they can help, PM me for more details. This website's main priority is generating money for charitable donation purposes. Even if you wear a black hat, you can still have a good heart :)
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