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New client email would like to outsource most

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Donestrgling, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Nov 29, 2011
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    Hi ****,

    Thanks for the quick follow up. After talking with **** and explaining my position, she thought there might be some ways for us to work together. Admittedly, I don't really know what you do or specialize in, but perhaps I can explain what I'm looking for and you can let me know if it interests you.

    I've spent the past few 6 months launching my newest muse, *********.com. In short, I provide thought provoking pop-art images to accommodate busy people and creative types. Each picture/post is available as a product. I also work with businesses to create customized images that embody the mission and values of their business (I charge $500 to $2500 for this). Finally, I offer guest speaking (I charge $2500 to $5000 for this).

    With the rise of sites such as Pinterest and apps such as Instagram, it's clear that people enjoy seeing and sharing pictures. ***** is positioned perfectly to ride this wave. There is a lot of potential to increase exposure, traffic and purchases.

    I have countless ideas about how to build and scale*** as a business, but I lack the time or expertise to market *** the way it should be marketed. I also don't have the budget or income to bring a salaried team member on at this stage. I am looking for someone who "gets" the concept, sees the potential to turn a good profit, and is open to defining a profit sharing arrangement.

    Specifically, some of the skills that would be needed are:

    • SEO optimization of websites.
    • Website construction, tweaking, designing, and updating.
    • The design, content, workings, and implementation of sales related copy and web tools (such as squeeze pages, landing pages, pop ups, press releases, etc.).
    • Designing and implementation, and management of Ad campaigns (Google, Facebook, etc.)
    • Optimization of Facebook pages and other social media portals.
    • Organizing and implementing new **** product launches.
    • Organizing and implementing opt-in campaigns for free bonuses.
    • Basic video editing.
    I don't know about much competition in the same space as ****, but I have encountered Hugh MacLeod, who has built a strong business on a very similar model.

    I realize there are many details that would still need to be clarified, but if the general idea interests you, let me know and we can explore things further. If not, I understand. No harm done.

    Thanks ****. Looking forward to hearing from you.