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New Blog

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by thebusinessman, May 13, 2009.

  1. thebusinessman

    thebusinessman Newbie

    May 8, 2009
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    I recently set up a new blog on an 'Xbox 360 Repair Guide.' I've been targetting some pretty similar keywords and phrases on the homepage, and it's a new domain and website, only about 20 days old so far. Obviously it's not very high ranking yet. (Haven't even really started posting articles, getting backlinks, or using BH methods) I'm pretty much a newbie, so I'm looking for suggestions on the site. All 3 blog posts so far have been manually made by me.

    When I started the site around 20 days ago, I swear I checked competition on google like 5 times and there was only about 100-200 thousand sites for the keywords, most of the 1st page sites had less than 500 backlinks. Now there's at least 1 million results and the 1st page has changed around quite a bit... :X

    Here, check out the site: hxxp://***********/xboxblog (I'm a newbie so I can't post links, xx is obviously tt)