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    I've had a weird cold/flu these past few days, and have been loading up on the meds to try and get rid of it. While on one of those "trips," this idea hit me.

    It's basic blog commenting, but with a unique, highly effective spin on it. I'm already reading a lot of these blogs, so why not let it help my sites.


    1. Find a High PR blog. (I read the 4HWW blog of Tim Ferriss). Preferably someone who posts only 1-2 times per week max, and has "do-follow" on.

    2. Grab the RSS Feed and set it up in a feed reader. Google Reader will work, but I'm going to be using . It's a paid service, that auto-sends an email immediately after a blogger posts an update. I made a list of about 15 high PR blogs, with "do-follow" links, and entered them in.

    3. Go there, and post a comment with a link back to your site.


    So yeah, it is basic blog commenting;but the main goal is to be one of the first few people to post on the new blog post.

    The reasons:

    -The blog post will be linked to from the home page for a few weeks.
    -People will link to the blog post from social media, social bookmarking, and other blogs.
    -That page will eventually gain page rank.
    -People may actually click on your link if your comment is interesting enough.

    If you're in the first few comments, you'll stay on that page for the long term. Obviously this isn't practical for all your sites, but for your main site; it could make sense, especially if you're already reading the blogs. It could always be outsourced though.

    Maybe it's just common sense, but when the idea hit me; it blew my mind for a bit. Hope this helps some people get their sites ranked.

    Thanks. ~englandrm