New Blog and Site - Where to Start?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by camhabib, Feb 5, 2009.

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Recently finished completing my site and blog. Site is hosted by SmugMug and is primarily a photo hosting / sharing website, ad free. I have however, set up a blog through Blogger, and placed several AdSense throughout. The blog has been active for about 3 days now, and has received just under 100 unique visitors, with about 2 clicks on any ads. What I'm looking for is advice on how to

    1) Improve my website and blog. Keep in mind that both only allow a limited umber of CSS and HTML changes, so I can't go too crazy.

    2) Increase traffic. I have already listed on reddit, Technorati, Ping-O-Matic, and one or two other small ones and attached my site address to my sigs in many forums.

    3) Most importantly - increase profit. I don't want to turn this into one of those parked domains, with an entire page of just ads. I want this to be a real and usable blog, but one that generates a little profit for me.

    Any help, advice, comments, suggestions, or anything else is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Blog address:
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    What plugins are you running ? You should be putting an ad box at the top of the first post, right in the visitors eye line for sure, there are plugins that can manage that for you.

    Sign up at an affiliate advertiser site and post some banner ads. There should be a banner add in every post (again use plugins to manage these easily).

    Get All-In-One-SEO if you dont already, that will help over the long term with search engines and getting visitors.
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    Leaving useful comments on other blogs of a similar type and having a link in forum signatures and being active in forums about the same subject as your blog are two quick ways to get traffic that will actually be interested in your blog and be more likely to click on ads.
    And if you haven't already set up ads for your RSS feeds. That something a lot of people overlook. But some people will subscribe to your RSS and never look at your site again.