New Adult Toy affiliate program (35% payouts)

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Yes you can sign up if you are international, and we do ship internationally, shipping rates are assesed by location, and we carefully watch all international orders for suspected fraud.
more approvals done. For those who applied, Check your emails
They give you 50% by inflating their prices, making it very very hard to make sales (even though they claim this isnt the case, compare prices). Also, they have very few products, the theirtoys program includes 12,000. Their sites also look like shit, cookie cutter templates, and convert terribly I'm sure.

right now, 0% of the traffic is coming from affiliates, I just opened up the program, so this should change very soon. I'm not gonna give out exact sales numbers but 3% conversion rate is about right, so deduce it from there.

That's good biz then..Say 240 sales per day. What's the margin on every toy sold? ---out of curiosity again, cus packing & shipping + dealing with retarded customers is honestly something I've already tried with feEbay

I might be looking into your program in case my other link isn't converting that well :) ...There's always room for testing and trying out new things ;)
That being said I can almost guarantee you I could be your biggest affiliate
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I pmed you , if you back to me.I am thinking to do this biz.
I signed up need to make some money or try
User name banger1
thanks guys, more approvals done, looking forward to seeing what BHW can really do.
i just applied and i m interested to work towards promotin it
username is rprabu
and waitin for ur approval
thanks rprabu, approved, let me know if you have any specific questions.
creatives would be nice :)
just signed up, pm ya my account
let's sell some toys!!
just signed up, thanks :)

p.s. acct name is same as here
Looks like some of you have been promoting this for a month now. Anyone have a success story to share with us?
Also is it ok to promote this on CL and BP?
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