Never worry about getting a "real job" again

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    This is something I've begun to employ with marginal success on the side, so I figured I would share it with the forum which has given me so much. I know similar ideas have been shared, but I haven't noticed this exact method spelled out yet.

    First off, this requires a few things:

    Ability to create a website
    Ability to create a business card
    A phone, or at least access to one- lol
    Ability to write a sales letter or sell in person (if you can sell in person, you can become rich)

    A lot of salesmen with jobs struggle (or bounce around between jobs) because they're confined to a selection of products, and therefore confined to selling those products to only a certain amount of potential customers. So, become a salesman without being confined to a single product.

    Local small business owners aren't typically very web savvy, but they do like to purchase anything that can help them make more money, or buy their supplies at a cheaper price.

    So, rather than drone on and on, I'm going to keep this short and get straight to the point:

    1. Look up local businesses in your area
    2. Study their business and find some kind of product or service they need, or need cheaper than they're paying now
    3. Find where you can get it cheaper online
    4. Create a business card, a landing page website for that product
    5. Go up to the business owner (or send a sales letter) and say "Hi, I'm so and so, and I don't want to take up a lot of your time. Here's my card. My company can get you that product at this price." You don't even have to press hard when doing this. Be cordial, light, and confident. If it's something you can get them cheaper, they will buy it from you. Turn around and walk away, and move on the next business.

    There are successful people who do this with like 10 different products they offer to businesses. With a little bit of research, you don't even have to pressure them to buy. They will usually buy from you anyways. If you live in a large city, you could do this to 40 businesses a day.

    You can also just have your landing page website redirect to an affiliate offer if you're offering them an online service and let that do the rest of the work for you.

    Just figured I would share.
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    Good advice for those who are jobless or looking into doing biz but no idea on how. I wonder who will really go into this concept and make it happen. It can be done with great success I believe if u willing to do the hard work.

    One point to add in here is that, even if u do not know how to do the above, u can always outsource the works to people in here or fiverr and charge the biz owners some fees. You can also make use of the time to clinch more sales than doing all online works by yourself.
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    Yea this is pretty much acting as a distributor or ''middleman''. Lots of ppl do this. Best way is to look for certain products online like he said and get in contact with companies to open a wholesale account. Usually all they ask for is a ein which is easy to get online from the irs website, but you'll be liable for reporting your earnings
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    This is why Offline Business is so much easier. I know that sounds backwards, but go fishing where the fish are, correct?

    Funnier is you don't have to know how to accomplish a service, you outsource that to someone who does! Know about the basics so you can answer questions, otherwise you're golden.