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Never Give UP - Inspiring post on my shitty news feed

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by kosher_12, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. kosher_12

    kosher_12 Newbie

    Aug 9, 2011
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    This is some random post on my facebook news feed, Maybe this could inspire someone.. :)

    When a poor, skinny black boy announced that
    he wanted to be the President of the USA,
    America laughed at him. He wasn't rich, wasn't
    experienced and wasn't WHITE. And YET, today,
    that boy is the PRESIDENT OF the USA

    When an old, poor, ugly woman auditioned for
    the British show, BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, the
    judges laughed at her. She was old, dirty, ugly
    and shaggy. BUT the 47-yearold SUSAN BOYLE
    amazed the World with her vocals, won the
    competition, and has sold 100 million copies of
    her first album!

    When a poor, black Sudanese refugee girl went
    to Britain and got a job as a toilet cleaner, NO
    ONE would expect that she
    would be a Global Supermodel. BUT today, ALEK
    WEK is the world?s famous supermodel who goes
    for lunch with Tyra Banks!

    When her boyfriend dumped her, after telling
    her that she was fat and ugly, British singer
    ADELE was totally broken-hearted.BUT today, the
    girl is the highest-earning British singer and has
    won 8 GRAMMY AWARDS!

    He started singing in 2000. He made over ten
    albums AND still NOBODY cares about him! They
    laughed at his weird, senseless songs...and He
    almost gave up music BUT then, he released
    GANGNAM STYLE, and today, PSY is a global
    mega superstar, earning millions of dollars and
    with the MOST WATCHED video in YouTube
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