Never Ever Ever Host your site with JaguarPC (review jaguarpc) **WARNING**

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    Hey Guys/Girls,

    As you could have read the title, this is a warning about hosting with JaguarPC. I moved a few sites to them a while back, I was still on shared hosting with Hostgator and wanted to install some tracking tools and started to look for a VPS host. I have read some good reviews about JaguarPC, they where cheap, so the deal was done for me, they even had a coupon code which doubled everything.

    It was a good deal and everything started out good! I was a happy customer at hostgator they always fixed my problems and never had any downtime issues whatsoever! But I hoped a vps would make my site faster and more stable since its only me on there.

    But then the following things happened which made me lose over a $3000. I promised on their forum, after weeks of bad support and A-Holes "helping" me that I would write some nice reviews about them and warn others about them. I might have been unlucky but trust me with support like that, you better know a lott about VPS servers before you move to their managed vps servers. Dont fall for good deals and cheap prices, since how can they offer such good prices if other dont? They oversell, and they outsourced they're online support and these guys dont know shit.

    • Because of sites down/slow lost revenue
    • Because of sites down/slow I lost ranking
    • Because of sites down/slow it slowed my process of building sites
    • Because of sites down/slow I was talking more to live support then building my websites

    I lost a lott of money from adsense or cpa, because my sites took 60+ seconds to load or wherent loading at all.

    what did these clowns to help me? Sent me from one guy to another, made me create tickets, told me problems where fixed, then they wherent fixed. This went on for about 2 months. And everytime it worked for 6-7 hours or a few days and then it was shit again. Load Times with peaks higher then the mount everest. Not for a few minutes, but for hours.

    But it was my fault for a few different reasons, and they all (the support) came up with different conclusions.

    • My site had some bad scripts running
    • My specs where to low and I needed to upgrade (what I did, since I couldnt afford to lose more money)
    • My index.php file was causing problems
    • Others on the server where spamming
    • Other people on the server couldn't handle their nodes (part of the server) which affected mine

    But everytime they fixed it, or where monitoring my site. My rankings started to drop because of the downtime, google probably didnt like it. They where on to it. I wanted to move to a different VPS because it wasn't me that was causing the problems since in the beginning it worked and nothing had changed. Not more visitors not more plugins, everything was the same! I started to believe their lies.

    Then they had to remove something from the server because it was broken, site offline 2 days. Problems fixed for 1 day, then a new problem accured. It didn't stop.

    I was talking 2-3 hours a day to support to fix this shit! And I did that for over a month!!!!

    Guess what I then decided way to late to move my site to a different host, and went with knownhost, they cost more, but their support is better. No live chat, but they fixed my problems within 30 minutes always! The specs of the server are not that good comparted to jaguarpc, but for some reason it works better.

    JaguarPC never again, spend a little more money and go to a descent host! JagaurPC is the laptop that costs you $200 dollars but breaks down within a year and knownhost is the laptop that costs you $600 with bussiness guarantee but keeps working 3 years and many years after that and if you have a problem they fix it right away. Not letting you and your bussiness stand in the cold for 4 days or 2 freakin months!

    So with jaguarPC I saved 20$ a month on hosting but it ended up costing me over $1500 and then the hours lost of talking to their tech support. Watching my sites, talking, watching, waiting, not be able to work, losing my rankings. This is why I came up with $3000+ which is still generous.

    To Sum it up:

    • Bad Support
    • Overselling their VPS servers
    • Letting idiots run shit on their servers
    • Broken promisses (we get back to you within 10-30 minutes. Turned out to be 9 hours)
    • Dont offer any sulutions or waiting days before even considering moving your vps to a different server

    Never ever ever move to JAGAURPC you might be lucky but you will run into problems, play it safe with moneymakers.

    This is what I posted on their forums