Never donate to charity

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    Never think of donating to charity again, yep... u heard it right... what they do is take the cash to themselves, and give 5% to the poor... PFF...... ppl made millions from charity for Haiti...... it's the best to give them the cash YOURSELF.. face to face... like Jolie...

    I heard ppl saying donate to charity.. I saw a thread a guy has 15k investment, 1 guy said "Donate to charity" ...

    what do u guys think of this steal
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    I think your full of crap and need to keep your mouth shut.
    Simply do your research before donating, case closed.
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    Not sure 5% is even close to correct, but yeah a portion of it is usually kept to the charity, people work there you know. If you want every cent to go to whoever it is your helping, then sure go do it, go fly to Haiti and hand them money. But most people don't have the time for that, and charities can advertise and collect money on a really large scale and be able to do far more for them.

    Of course you don't donate to some unknown charity, you stay with the well known ones if you choose to donate. You can flat out ask them how much goes to them and how much goes to the charity.
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    agreed, instead of acting like a noob in forum do research and give to actual charities not scams!
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    Are you stupid?

    The guy that said donate to charity was obviously mucking around. That thread was about investments and i'm pretty sure charities dont give money back.

    Also, why do you think diseases like leukemia and cancer can now be treated? Obviously because scientists have had the funds to do research but you're saying that they done that with 5% of the money people have donated. I don't think so.
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    yeah because all charities are scams and are all the same....

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    What he says has some truth... Charities have overhead like any company, and alot of what's donated is spent on advertising, salaries and supplies.

    For example, imagine you bump into a street canvasser for a local charity... you donate $10 to the cause. Off the bat, about $4 of that goes to pay the guy you gave it to. If he's meeting his quotas it might be as much as $5.50 - $6.

    Of the remaining $4 - $6 dollars, you will have to pay the team leader who coordinates the canvassers, for the promotional materials and training used in this event, plus any applicable licensing to actually be allowed to canvas the area.

    Ask anybody who's ever been invited to canvas for a living, it's stacked like MLM most of the time... and it's not the cause at the top of the pyramid :-\.
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    I would neg rep you if I could.

    How dare you? Of course there are crooked charities out there but that's just like anything, ANYTHING else in this world.

    Politicians. Yes.
    Businesses. Yes.
    Governments. Yes.
    Individuals. Yes.

    And as someone mentioned above, there is much overhead like any business. Charities do spend quite a bit of money promoting their causes. You think those charity commercials are free?
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    I think the OP had a good intention of warning people about some charities that are down right scams. There was actually a guy here on this forum that came up with a "Feed the poor in India" with a paypal donate button straight to his personal account. He actually asked for opinions on that money making method. He got blasted by the other users, me included.

    I hope that bastard is not on this forum anymore.

    To the OP - There are still good charities that you can donate to. But you just cannot expect 100% of your money to go to the cause. Some will cover over heads, salaries etc which are essential to keep the charity running. That being said, I too would rather donate directly to a cause than to a charity organization.
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    well, i think it all depends on the charity, like the red cross, or salvation army, however, i dropped in 300 $ once in the Salvation army right outside of the grocery store, then about 5 minutes later some guy come by and snagged the bucket from the old guy holding it, so i stopped giving it to the ones standing on streets and went straight to the salvation army
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    Getting paid.
    Some charities are scams and others that aren't outright scams are atrocious with their accounting practices.

    But to say "Don't donate to charity" because of the bad apples out there is just throwing the baby out with the bath water. It makes no sense.

    Before a couple of years ago, I didn't know that teachers had to pay for the costs of supplying most of the stuff in their classroom out of their own pockets. Sure, they get discounts on stuff but teachers make shit so it didn't seem right to me. So for the past 2 years I've been "adopting" several classrooms at some of the more rough parts of Atlanta (if you've ever been to Atlanta you know its very beautiful in parts and VERY rough in others) so these teachers have one less thing to worry about.

    I know where ALL the money goes and I know that it's going to a good cause - one that I believe in. Getting the write off isn't difficult, if that's what you're wondering, but it really is not nearly as much of a concern as the actual giving.

    If you're making any kind of decent money - more than enough to properly support your family and then some - then there's no reason you shouldn't be giving to some kind of charity. Just do your research first. It's not that hard.
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    Honestly, there are charities that are scams, but it's generally easy to find out. Also, looking at "how much of your donation goes to charity" is not always the best thing to consider. If one charity gives 95% of your donation to charity, that's great. However, if the charity giving 50% utilizes advertising and paid employees to triple the value of your original donation, that's even better.

    What people should really be considering is how much money charities give relative to the donations they receive - not how much each individual donation is going to the charities cause. I suspect some evaluations of charities do consider this, but it's ignored by many.

    I'd be somewhat sympathetic to a misanthrope that simply doesn't care what happens to humanity. However, I also like puppies and don't think people deserve to suffer needlessly no matter how stupid and annoying most of them are. Give to Oxfam or something. I think it's pretty good.
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    You might have total of maximum extent of 100 in yourlife time . what about all the charities arround the world? there are millions of charities arround
    Just think .saying some word seeing some is not reasonable offcourase there are many people who eat the blood of poor people by taking donations and using for their personal but there are still genuine ministries and orgs who really help .but the bad thing is people who donate attract to these scam people due to nice look of matter and photos.
    what i finally say is just think before you use a word

    if people made millions using haite there will need to give explanation before god and they will surely have punishment and what we need to do is search for real ones and donate .its your mistake or someones mistake to donate to scam ones. any way plz dont say this again
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    they have some legal limit of commision they can take, those legal charitys...
    if i remember correctly, its usually around 10%

    i think of this charity issue that the government should help those charitys, not public
    (in my country the charity usually invololves like a new machine to a childrens hospital - its governments job to provide it!)
    but because of many of those "legal charitys" are playing on peoples pity and some stupid psychological things (small children, dogs, cats, puppies) - i say this charity is in most cases bullshit

    but if you are a wealthy guy and want to really donate to a charity
    you should make research, personally visit the charitys, and pick one where you see that money really goes to the right place
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    worked with the red cross after Katrina, I can promise you that money was for the most part well spent. And I can guarantee places like Habitat for Humanity who have done so much for my part of the USA are not a scam. Worked side by side with Salvation Army and Southern Baptists and believe me those people were here to help, and every dollar they got came here to help.
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    I love to give to charity. I not only do it to help others, but it makes me feel good inside. It's a win win for everyone involved. Even if only $4.00 out of $10.00 makes it to the "front line" that means a lot when you multiply by the amounts of people who unselfishly give.

    I mean of course, don't donate to an "Uncle Owadi" from Nigeria looking to help transfer his estate to you. There are a lot of legit charity groups out there. :)

    The one thing I find that really helps me grow and get through times of hardship has been to ignore myself and look for others who are in need of help. You don't have to save the world, but it's little things that count. Even if it's just picking up something someone dropped - that's a good start. It's not all about money, it's about compassion and the will to give at least "something". Even if it is a piece of paper, at least the paper moves solutions towards the problems.

    Each time I'm at a store and the cashier asks me to donate $1 to breast cancer research or some other disease research, I happily give $5. If 100 people did just $1 each in a day in just one store, that's at least $3,000 a month towards finding a cure to a disease that could kill you, your mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, best friend, wife, etc.

    Just do a little along the way of life and it all adds up to something big.

    That's the way I look at charity.
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    helping someone who deserves it is not a crime "whether through a second person" even or if the second person is taking his cut . It can be a type of pay for him/ his stipend.You wouldn't be surprised

    any body on the earth wouldn't want to work for free even if its for charities.

    Its you who's doing something Not someone else doing it for you ..

    Remember that
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    I once knew of a group of old ladies who used to have one day a year collecting. When I asked why they all fought over particlular positions the answer was " we fight over the busiest sites because we get a percentage". Just one small example but have to agree with the post especially when it comes to callcenter requests.
    The cost of collection is far greater than what is distributed.
    Charities, big business ....yes !
    To those above who have told the op to do his homework I suggest you do. Yes the charities get money, but it is fairly small compared to costs.
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    The best thing to do is just to give it to your church. Drop a 100$ bill in the collection and move on. Or just dont give an invest money because it has the same effect but you make the money back.
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    You donate to some shitty charities then. Thousands of charitys are 100% legit and do need money. You should research your topic in full before posting, because your information is so off.