Networking Through Meetup and Social Clubs: Gaining Business

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    I think the best way to expand the opportunities that are available is using referrals from working with people that are within your local vicinity. Good ways to get in contact with people that may want to work with you or may know someone that could use your services are with various social events:

    • Tennis Meetups: Go learn some tennis and save your eyes from squinting at the computer all day. We all need some physical activity and Tennis is one of the easiest ways to get your exercise in without requiring a lot of time. I would suggest going to Meetup Groups and asking if there are group lessons around and than you can start going to expensive social clubs and networking there. I like to sneak in and pretend I already have a membership.
    • Any Sports Meetup including Hiking/Cycling etc.: Same concept as with tennis, except there are not necessarily any private rich clubs that are dedicated to your sport, because it would be too big of a sport to host. Either way it is still a good way to work with people locally and working locally is the best thing you can do because there are things that you will not be able to talk about online, efficiently that is. Making friends with people that you work with builds a better overall relationship.
    • Hobby Related Meetup Groups: Something along the lines of a book club, web developer group, sewing club etc. Anything where people meetup to get ideas is where you want to join in. Usually everyone has a referral to give or understand how tough the market is and always looking to network with people that want to help out their business. All while enjoying your favorite activity.
    • Referral Network Groups: Some of these are category exclusive, meaning they only allow one person that does SEO in the group. The ones that are exclusive usually make people pay a membership fee and that may also include a sign up fee etc. It is worth it because these people are all looking to trade referrals and do business with each other, if the opportunity arises. There are referral groups that are free, so you can look for those and any of these groups usually allow you to attend a meeting for free, if it is your first time.

    I learned a lot going to these groups and who knows you may be able to find that golden opportunity.