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Network Solutions domain names $0.50 - Going Out of Business Sale!

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by gooey, May 15, 2013.

  1. gooey

    gooey Newbie

    Mar 24, 2013
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    U remember when netXwork solXutions was the only one who sold domain names and people would advertise "Register your domain name for $1.00" but they would just charge you $1.00 for filling out the application on their site and then forward it to network solutions who would then charge you the regular fee - :cool:

    netXwork solXutions over charged me for years after gXo daXddy came out. they messed up my transfer and tried to charge an iXcann recovery fee for the expired domain of close to $300 ,compared to standard $70+. ive called many times before i was about to buy from gXo daXddy for a price match at $2.99 and the best they could do would be like $15.99 instead of the regular $24.99.

    they always justified the higher price by claiming the best service, but last i check their support line has been cut down to 9-5 hours.

    and now this $0.50 names - - -

    so i decide to buy,, $9.99 privacy ?#*& fail d(X)t no register it somewhere else instead

    i dont know what the point of this thread is maybe im just sentimental


    "Thanks for stopping by, BYE!"

    UPDATE: I try to go to netXwork solXutions but it didnt give me $0.50 special , but i did get special offer to add bX izX nX et oX rg cX o i Xnfo for just $49.00 , a savings of "over 70%" ... lOl!

    i think maybe the first time i click on a paid search result ,, i could give you the direct link but i dont knoe if its someone affXiliate link. so just do search for "ns 50 cent"

    domain offer applies to nsWXebAddresXs product for new purchases of domain extenXsions c (X)Xm nX et oX rg bX iz and i Xnfo only. Available for 1 year terms. Upon expiration, all doXmains will be renewed at the then current price. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Discount applied in shopping cart. Term discounts do not apply. This offer is available for online purchases at NetXwork SolXutions only. Maximum 3 domain names can be purchased at one time. Offer good at time of initial purchase only.

    edit: i went a little crazy fighting the spam filter, ended up it was blocking me because of the smiley face, but after i deleted it it let me put it back up ?
    so what do you guys think ns going out of business anytime soon?