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    Dec 14, 2008
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    hi, first post, let me tell you some tricks I use for auto promote. i hqave being searching and i havent found nothing of tis.
    use netvibes for seo
    1. open a netvibes gringer account. nthe public ones
    2. open a jaiku account
    3. open a friendfeed account.
    4. insert your site rss into friendfeed and jaiku
    5. also is interesting to add the delicius account
    6. insert the friendfeeds and jaiku to the public netvibes.
    this will be giving direct links from a safe place to your content dinamicaly. you only send a few links to that netvibes account and your indexation of new content will be quite fast.
    also friendfeed will take out the nofollow from delicius.
    so... be imaginative