Negative SEO to Damage Rank of Pages With My Personal Info


Feb 16, 2016
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Hello, this is my first thread post here so I hope everything about my post (permitted topic, proper forum, etc.) is in order.

When googling my name (I'm a freelancer and business owner with a personal site (the domain is my name), a lot of websites are ranking high on the first page that I think look unsavory; some of which include my personal information.

It's obvious that I can't get rid of many of these web pages; but I figure that I might be able to damage their rankings via negative SEO to get them off the first page. I doubt most of the people who google me (prospective and current clients) are interested enough to click to the second page of google results.

I thought about purchasing a bunch of spammy links to these pages to try and damage their rank, or to build more profiles on popular social sites that feature my name; but other than those I'm at a loss for ideas. As I'm sure any BHW veteran can tell; I am very new to the world of internet marketing and SEO.

If anyone has service recommendations, experience in this field, suggestions, ideas, or whatever, please let me know.

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Why not go for the social media profile method and try to rank some parasite pages for your name instead?

This piece of advice is PRICELESS. Think positive, OP.
Build out social profiles + web 2.0's and outrank those sites. Negative SEO isn't the solution.
Contact their hosting providers and tell them that their client is using your information, however they might need proves. They will take that page down if you successfully prove yourself. Alternatively, you may also threat them and tell that you are going to take legal action if you don't remove those information. Some of them might get scared and remove your info. It's pain in the ass but still better than negative seo because even if you remove their site from SERPS, they might come again with a new site/page.
Ever considered just not doing shit work for your clients?
Be prepared to be brainwashed.
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