Negative SEO & 'Spam ranking' Case Study

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    Negative SEO Case Study

    Decided to see if a site could be dislodged from the top of Google using xrumer blasts.

    The site in question currently ranks 1 & 2 on Google UK for the KW and 5th on Google. It is not a 'brand' or an established name. There is around 3,000,000 exact matches for the keyword and te site has been at the top for around 3-4 months.

    Backlinks before: around 700

    I did a 50,000 blast using the same anchor text around 6 days ago and the backlinks have gone up to 8,100 - so an increase of over 7k in less than a week. It has had NO impact as of yet. This may change, however it may take a lot more than a 50k blast to even get close to getting. I will do 50,000 a week for the next month.

    Ranking as of 4th May 2012: 1st & 2nd Google UK and 5th on Google.

    Spam Ranking

    To see the effect of 'spamming' on a brand new site I thought i'd do something similar to a brand new site i've made. Quick 20 page basic site with a few hundred words on each page. Each page is a different KW within the niche. (note: the main KW for this is the same as the above study).

    The site was indexed by Google 4 days ago along with several of the inner pages. I have had a 12,000 blast done (which I am currently pinging) followed by a link pyramid consisting of:

    30 web 2.0 --> 10,000 wiki links --> 50,000 xrumer blast

    This will be completed in a few days. I will then repeat every week for a month (possibly longer).

    Ranking as of 4th May 2012: N/A on both Google UK and Google.

    I'll post daily with updates.

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    Instead of targetting other peoples websites , why don't you try ranking a websites and do negative seo test.

    First try to rank your website, if it reaches page1 then start doing negative seo and post results on this thread.
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    I bought 150k blog comments on fiverr for one of my sites that has been hanging around 50 for a few months. No link building done before and it's an EMD. Today it moved to 14. It's been about 3 days.
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    The more and more I read about Google's various updates, the more I begin to think that it is a big joke and they really have no idea what the #### they are doing. There are a small group of people telling a bunch of programers what they want. They do not see the future ramification of their actions. I don't believe it is a ploy to get more PPC advertising. It's just a bunch of dudes who think their #### don't stink and that they are smarter than everyone else trying to make things the way they want them to be, and failing.

    I don't give a #### what type of algo they create... it can be gamed with ease, over time. The only thing they have done with this panda and penguin update is make their SERPs look like #### and piss off white hatters that will eventually be forced to die out or go black. I am already starting to see this effect on a few other, very white hat, forums that I am a member of. People have done what Google wanted for years only to be betrayed by them. Now they are angry and have learned a valuable lesson... Google is not your friend. Google is a computer program that people can use to make money.

    I am running several experiments that include testing on site SEO and off site SEO. I am working with 301s, totally deoptimized anchor text, social signals and many other things. Eventually I will find a way to #### the SERPS again and when I do, I am no longer going to try to provide anything useful to the visitors. I will not use adsense or adwords. I will #### Google, bank a #### load of money, retire and use bing.

    Sorry if some of you think this is immoral or upsetting but I think that, for me, this is the best course of action. I came close to making quite a bit of money before but always stopped myself. I always though, hey take it slow. Produce quality in order to sustain longevity. I now know I should have pushed much harder and make 20K that year, from that site, instead of 5K. The more I think about it the more I realize that if I hadn't wasted my time on quality I would be making much more money today.

    Please do not take this as me bashing people who want to make a quality site. It is obviously possible, just look at Frasier. I am just saying, it's not for me and it's not the only option.
    BTW, although it may sound like it, this is not a rant and I am actually in a very good mood. :)
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