Negative SEO - Awareness Campaign

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    I think that we should all ban together and get people's attention that Negative SEO is very real these days, and that it can (and already has) been used to hurt the "innocent." Some ideas:

    Flood youtube with videos about what google is doing to small businesses. It should be a video in the style of Kony 2012 but with small business owners as the victims. You can even market this as anti-republican and socialist to gain an even larger audience. After the videos are posted, throw thousands of views, comments, and ratings at them. Eventually it will get more attention organically.

    Flood twitter with thousands of retweets to news reporters and big bloggers who have the power to reach large audiences. You can also spam the crap out of their actual websites to make the message hit home, but being nice would probably be more effective here.

    Pin and Re-pin as many pictures of white, middle class Americans crying as possible and make the caption "victim of google." The more inflammatory, the better.

    Make an article about the recent google changes hit the front page of reddit. I think it would be especially effective to have this article be an instructional manual on how to take down a competitor in google using scrapebox and rumer.

    You can also saturate the mainstream SEO forums/blogs with this.


    These are just some ideas. I am more than willing to participate if I can get some more people involved.