Needing help removing a hatepage from the top of google search reults or for good!

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    :( Hey there, am new around here.
    A few years back a forum with some individuals that didn't not care for me went and started a heap of drama. Making some serious allegations in which I have proven my innocence in a court of law. The page appears first when my name is goggled. I am nearly 21 and have never been employed since I have left because of this. the defamation has screwed with me and my self image for too long and I have looked into the options. File a defamation case that I most definitely cannot afford (in my country i'm looking at $6000-$40,000). Another option was to change my name, and I don't really want to have to do that and explain to people why. A good friend suggested a 3rd option, which was to ask on BHW.
    so its pretty self explanatory.
    I need a forum to be pushed far far down Google search results or taken out all together (if that's actually possible)
    Ask away if I need to explain any more details.
    Thanks a bunch!
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    Sending you a pm