Needed: People with web design, SEO, Internet marketing, etc companies

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    Hey there BHW'ers

    I am doing a project on online marketing for university. This project I need to interview a couple of industry experts ( where else than BHW?)or people who have been in internet marketing for a couple of years (4+)

    I would prefer people who have companies then I can quote you in my report along with your company name and web address. (this is important because it will give my report some validity)

    I am going to ask you some questions on how small businesses have moved away from traditional marketing methods, why they should utilise web design and SEO now than ever before, and questions generally about small businesses and online marketing.

    The questions I will have to think about and probably ask more.

    The way I will ask you these questions is through email or Skype (preferred) or PM.

    So if anyone is interested let me know by replying below or sending me a PM.

    Thank you for reading this,