Needed: A True Internet Marketer to Team Up With Me in Seduction/Pick Up Niche

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    Going to keep it short:

    I have a site that is on the verge of ranking for some nice kewyords in the pick up artist/seduction niche. I barely did any link building to it and it has one page of content, and it's ranking 19/20 for keywords that get 14,800/9,900 local monthly searches. I would set up the monetization myself but to be honest I am not extremely passionate about this niche and I don't really have time.

    What I need is someone that is willing to do a 50%/50% JV where they provide the marketing know-how and sales/landing page/funnel design to help this project pull in some cash. I'll provide SEO and funding.

    I know it's sketchy to do something like this after meeting on BHW but I'm willing to do whatever you'd like to make you comfortable with moving forward with this in terms of my trustworthiness etc.

    okay cool, PM me or add post if you're lacking traffic or uninterested in SEO and wanting to take over the creative reigns.