Need your own Corporation for online Business?

OP, you'd need to subscribe to membership to sell your service and we charge only $97 per year.
I am here to help. A few people I have been around found it quite a push forward with their own corporation for their online businesses. This is is great to gain the advantages and most importantly, the tax advantages of the larger companies and of course, you will be saving tens of thousands of dollars so that is why I am here.

We charge only 2K but with it being the season we will slash that price down by $400. You pay $800 upfront and once your corporation is done and ready to move you pay the other $800 for the papers to let you stride on. We get this done in only a few days (this depends on if you can get on the phone/skype quickly so we can start with your information). We take paypal for the convenience.

Sure, how about I'll send you a few hundred thousand for starters and throw in my lake mansion house.
First of all, this isn't the place to be selling your services.

Second of all, there are WAY cheaper prices from MUCH larger and more reliable providers than you. For example, LegalZoom.
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