Need your old fogey's advice please...

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    Jul 25, 2008
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    I am a webmaster who has been lurking here for a while but never posted. I have a dieting site that sucks in content from a free articles site, obviously I am being marked as duplicate content by Google. I am looking for your advice on either alternative ways to monetize the site, or get traffic.

    • The domain was registered mid 2005
    • I currently use adsense
    • I have a pharmacy section as an rx affiliate
    • The site currently gets most hits from Google (limited - say 100 uniques a day)
    • Main term is "weight loss"

    Could you please give me some advice on attaining traffic, I have tried adwords and buying traffic (as targeted popups) as well as watermarking youtube video's about weight loss. I have had a few articles written and uploaded to ezine, and released a few free press releases. Nothing has really helped so far.

    For obvious reasons I am not going to post the URL as I would prefer not too.

    Any advice from those in the know will be much appreciated and thanks for all the tips so far.