Need your help - computer security related niche.

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    Hi All,

    I need your help,
    I have a 4 years site, running on wordpres + Adsense, in the computer security related niche.
    The site was using WP-Robot for more then 2 years and currently i disable the WP-Robot and start to manually add posts.
    I currently have only about 650 page view per day, with about 13 click per day and the site started to makes about 5$ per day.

    Currently i do not do any SEO to the site.

    I need your recommendations how to bost my site up, i want this site to be adsense safe.

    Thanks a lot for your recommendation.
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    Quality content gets you quality links (if it's good enough). So I would invest in a few really great quality articles and try to get high quality links to them.
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    That's pageviews - how many of those are bots crawling all your scraped content vs. real users?
    You need to find out you're real visitor numbers to see if you could benefit much from a new theme (focused more on the ads).
    You're CTR seems quite good though, so onto what you're actually asking about..

    I'm assuming you're writing the posts yourself? If so, it'll be much, much easier for you.
    Take a quick look at the google kws tool and find some nice kws to target 'quality' articles on,
    put that extra effort in and it'll be what gets you that link.

    When you've got the quality content built up, make a twitter for the site and use it to connect with similar security experts,
    which will in turn get you a lot more quality links than shooting websites in the dark.

    Make sure you've got all the social buttons added too, wouldn't hurt to create a page for it.
    Your blog will have built up a bit of authority over the years (not so much with all the dupe content - but still), so if I was in you're position I'd be writting some general articles along with ones targeted to security products that will help people solve the problem they're searching for.
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