Need US Parnters -> $300/Day CPA Method

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    I'm looking for individuals that are looking to make about $100-300/Day.

    The method that I have will be setup by me, I'm leaving as we speak to go buy another computer.

    What I need from you:
    **Must meet the following REQUIREMENTS:
    -You must have some sort of Auto Poster! We are going to need to be posting anywhere from 500-1000 ads/daily
    -Must be willing to spend, about $50/max on websites, however may not be necessary.
    -I will require your help to change minimal amount of content on each ad that's scraped to make it unique and new.

    What I will be doing:
    -Using my Scrapers and Auto responder to take care of what it is we'll be doing.
    -Investing my Money into the project, the only time you'll ever spend money is if you would like to help scale up our project, and even then I will split the costs
    -We will be using my hosting
    -I will be scraping about 500-1000 ads Per day and will be rewriting them/changing them along with your help so our content in unique.

    **Earnings Will Vary depending on how committed you are, You have no reason to worry about me, I have about $5,000 saved up along with the time and availability, all I need is your committment.

    ***Note: Earnings will vary depending on how committed you are, We will be using my CPA companies, they are quality companies, and I will Fax you a copy of a Non-Disclosure Agreement which I want you to sign. I will reveal my contact information to you, via Skype, Should you have any questions that you would like to know prior to, please feel free to contact me.
    ***Note: All Earnings are guaranteed $100-300/Minimum Daily. I would like to scale this up to about $500-1000/Daily for each of us.

    ***Note: Prefer No More than (1-2) Partners

    I Would like to call this a Strategic Alliance and Not a Joint Venture, I would prefer to just work with another individual and share our resources with one another, possibly even collborating on the cababilities each of us already has to make this campaign stronger, however if all works well, I would be very interested in a Long-term deal....

    P.S if your just looking to ask me what it is we're doing, Ill tell u right now piss off. If u meet the requirements, We can rock out. Thanks alot!

    P.S.S This is just for one Method, If you would like to go farther, I have plenty more things we can do.
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