Need Urgent Help and Some Suggestions

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by DrunkenBastered, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Hello guys need some real help I and one of my friend has created a Site it is a new site we have created it we want to know how we can drive traffic towards our site

    Our site is legit we are gonna pay people legally and we have done lot of hardwork to create this site.

    Now I want some serious answer regarding what should I do to increase traffic on my website I want it to be famous and I want more users to Join my website

    Please it is a sort of request please give some suggestion
    I have posted in BHW because this is the place where I can get some good suggestions which can be good for me.

    Hope I can expect some good reply from you
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    Dec 26, 2007
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    Well, you can always post threads in forums to drive traff-...oh wait....
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    Jan 17, 2010
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    Any Thing
    With your girlfriend
    get a few softwares from here
    use scrapebox and drive traffic
    and use social networks

    and also like kayzne pointed out, do what you already are!
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    Well for starters have patience.

    Next your going to need a competitive edge. There are hundreds of thousands of these type of sites, so you are going to have to do something to distinguish yourself from them if you want to be famous.

    Be committed and keep going strong for the next couple of years while you build the site and be committed to keeping your word and pay on time every time.

    Do some research on competition and keywords. Do some SEO work and get ranking for those terms.

    Be patient

    Provide some quality content as well, like a sub section where you can provide a reson for people to come there aside from, but related to, rewards.

    Give away some quality stuff up front to help spread the word.

    Host a live video conference and get people to advertise it on twitter. If you can work it into a buzz on twitter, require people to follow you on twitter and then give away some nice prize at the end of the webinar. While your having it answer peoples questions or offer then help on something live.

    Choose a forum username that will carry a bit more reputation and become more involved.

    Actually care about other people rather then just yourself and make your site and life all about helping them and it will come back to you.

    Did I mention be patient?

    Hang with it, you will get it.