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Need urgent advise - 301/302 redirects to penalised domain!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by varitech, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. varitech

    varitech Junior Member

    Aug 19, 2013
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    Hello dear members. I have to take a decision soon in regards to a manual penalised domain and would like your assistance. i will try to be as more descriptive as possible.

    One of our new clients got hit by manual penalty. I checked their link profile and there was a lot of black hat involved, cross linking between directories, web 2 properties etc. Long story sort, I submitted a reconsideration request which was not enough as it seems 99,9% of his links are bad links.

    The site urls is: www.website-name.com...the company for quiet years used to have a non haifen version www.websitename.com which I suspect was a duplicated web site, even though I am not sure as the www.websitename.com is set to redirect to www.website-name.com for the last few months.

    The company took the decision to move a brand fresh new web site (its a property company and they did a huge investment in the new web site and its functionality) from www.website-name.com to www.websitename.com. Ofcourse I have advised not to redirect anything as the penalty will eventually pass over until the manual penalty is lifted.

    Now I have the following questions:
    1) At the moment the www.websitename.com is set to 301 redirect to www.website-name.com. Are we gonna face problems by stopping the redirect and uploading a whole new web site? I know that the asnwer mosst probably is no but as we plan once the ban is lifted to redirect the old web site to the new domain this looks like a 301 redirect swap between the 2 domains, hence my concerns.

    2) What if I set 302 redirects instead of 301 from the penalised web site to the new one? That way I ensure visitors land to the new web page without passing any link juice and penalty? Once the penalty is lifted I can make it a 301?

    3) If both options above are wrong how about I add a page informing visitors that we are now on a new domain and add a nofollow link to the new domain?

    This site has 10k+ visitors a day and this is why I wanna make sure that direct visits, bookmarks etc all land to the new version of the web site.

    Thanks all in advance